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Basic Airless Sprayers Facts
What is an airless sprayer - airless sprayers FAQ
Advantages of airless sprayers
Different types of airless sprayers
Main components of an airless sprayer
Understanding Airless Sprayer Reversible Tips
Airless sprayer accessories and how to use them
How airless sprayers are rated
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Use of Airless Sprayers
How to operate an airless sprayer
Safety when using airless sprayers
Airless sprayer spray applications
Cleaning out airless sprayers
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Maintenance of diaphragm airless sprayers
Maintenance of piston airless sprayers
Maintenance of pneumatic air driven airless sprayers
Storage & transport of airless sprayers
Storage of  diaphragm airless sprayers
Storage of piston airless sprayers
Storage of pneumatic air driven airless sprayers

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We stock the full range of Wagner Airless Sprayer Reversible Trade Airless Spray Tips and ASM Flat Airless Sprayer Tips. All sizes are kept in stock.

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Airless Sprayers Resource Centre

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Basic Airless Sprayer Facts - Understanding airless spray tips?

Understanding the number on an airless spray tip.

Many people get confused with the different size spray tips available. To understand what size tip can be used, you must first understand what the digits on the tip indicate. 

All tips have three digits in the size, for example 517. 

The first digit is the fan size or the width of the spray, this digit is always doubled and measured in inches. For example, a 517 tip will spray at 10 inches, a 417 tip will spray at 8 inches and a 317 tip will spray at 6 inches.

The second two digits indicate the size of the orifice and is measured in thousandths of an inch. For example a 517 tip will spray 10 inches wide, through an orifice size of 17 thousandths of an inch. A 515 tip will spray 10 inches wide, through an orifice size of 15 thousandths of an inch and a  513 tip will spray 10 inches wide, through an orifice size of 13 thousandths of an inch.


As a general guide, the list of sizes below is a handy guide to work out what size tip you need for the paint you are using:
Material To Be Sprayed Orifice or Tip Size Gun Filter - Recommended Only
   - Recommended Only Atomex, Titan or Wagner Gun Graco Gun New Graco Gun Old/HSP-10 Gun
Lacquer & Stain 0.07" - .013" Red Gun Filter Blue New Gun Filter Orange Old Gun Filter
Enamel  .011" - .015" Red or Yellow Gun Filter Blue New Gun Filter Orange/Blue Old Gun Filter
Acrylic  .015" - .021" White Gun Filter Black New Gun Filter Blue Old Gun Filter
High Builds .019" - .035" Green Gun Filter Black New Gun Filter Blue Old Gun Filter
Very High Builds .031" - .043" Green Gun Filter Black New Gun Filter Blue Old Gun Filter

This is a general guide only, please check with your paint manufacturer to determine what size tip should be used.


Now that you understand the digits on the tip, you can choose almost any combination of spray width and orifice size to really make the most of your airless sprayer. You can choose narrow tips for spraying tricky area's like railings on stairs in enamel or really wide tips for spraying ceiling's with acrylic. There really is no limit to what can be sprayed with an airless sprayer.


Tip Sizes available in ATOMEX X-75HD (Heavy Duty 7500psi) range

Tip Sizes available in ATOMEX X-50FF (Fine Finish) range
Atomex Fine Finish airless spray tips use a pre-orifice system to provide initial atomization of the coating, the second orifice provides the final atomization of the coating to give the best finish available.

Atomex fine finish tips are available in larger sizes such as 516 and 518 and have been used by many tradesman for the finishes on ceilings and walls with spectacular results.

Tip Sizes available in ATOMEX X-50WS (Wide Spray) range
Atomex Wide Spray airless spray tips are useful in high production applications where you simply need to apply a large amount of paint to a large area. Atomex wide spray tips will produce a full 24" wide spray pattern, unlike other brands that boost a 24" wide spray pattern but struggle to spray 16" wide.



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