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Ransburg No. 2 Deuce Gun Electrostatic Sprayer Package - 240v


  • Ransburg No.2 Deuce Gun with Power Box 240v
  • 4" Spinning Bell
  • 10 Litre Pressure Pot
  • 10m Fluid Hose/Cable Set
  • 240v Air Compressor - Used to supply air to the pressure pot. 
  • 10m Air Hose.

Included when hiring:

  • 1 hour training on operation and cleaning (Mandatory)
  • Full instruction manual.
  • 240v Air Compressor - Used to supply air to the pressure pot. 

Please Note:

Electrostatic spray guns are very expensive and easily damaged. We require a large deposit and pre-payment before hiring (contact office for details), the only payment method we accept is bank transfer or credit card over the counter. Telephone payment with credit cards for hire will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Any damage, breakage or cleaning of the unit will be charged from the deposit taken.


  • For use with quick dry enamels and 2k paints where 360 wrap of paint product is required such as window bars, hand rails & gates. Useful for spraying internal flat surfaces with no over spray such as filing cabinets, elevator doors and steel shelving in supermarkets etc
  • Some paints may not be compatible and may need additional formulation by your paint supplier

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