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  1. Filter Mesh vs Micron

    Filter media is sometimes rated in U.S mesh and also in microns which makes life confusing for us all. It really comes down to where the filter media is made and which unit of measure the manufacturer chooses. 

    U.S mesh gauge standard is the number of openings per linear inch using standard wire diameters. Wire mesh measures the number of wires (or threads) per linear inch, not the size of the holes between them. As the number of wires per inch goes up, the size of the holes (in microns) goes down. 

    This chart below is a rough conversion between U.S Mesh and Microns as there is no simple formula to convert between microns and mesh because it can not account for the wire diameter.

    U.S. Mesh
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  2. Conditional Registration for Line Marking Machine

    Graco Heavy Duty Line Drivers are a fantastic addition to your Graco Line Marking machine saving you time on large job sites. Have you considered the safety aspects of using this equipment? 

    AA Spray conditional registration packs are designed for Graco Heavy Duty Line Drivers when used on public roads and work sites. Conditional registration in all states of Australia will require at least the following items fitted for compliance – 

    • Flashing Amber Beacon 
    • Rear Lights 
    • Rear Indicators 
    • Stop Lights 
    • Front Work Light 
    • Horn 
    Graco heavy Duty Line Driver Conditional Registration Pack

    AA Spray can build any customised road pack for conditional registra

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  3. Understanding Electrostatic Spray Guns

    When you are looking to buy an electrostatic spray gun you will probably be confused right away, many dealers in Australia have little knowledge, don’t stock electrostatic spray equipment and will usually have to get representation from the manufacturer to assist. You will then find that the sales or technical representatives from the manufacturer will have limited experience, so who do you call? 

    AA Spray is a leading stockist of electrostatic spray painting equipment specialising in Ransburg electrostatic spray systems. We hold the entire range of Ransburg electrostatic spray guns in stock including the Vector R90, Vector AA90, Solo AA90, Ransflex RFX, Ransflex RFXi Indirect Charge and the famous Ransburg No.2 Deuce process hand gun. 

    Ransburg invented the electrostatic spray gun in the 1940’s and have been leading the industry ever since. Ransburg electrostatic spray systems are the most popular, widely used and have the most diverse range of electrostatic spray g

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  4. How does an electrostatic spray gun work?

    Electrostatic spray painting was first patented in the Harold Ransburg in the late 1940s after which he formed the company "Ransburg Electrostatic Equipment". 

    Electrostatic spray painting guns have an electrode located after the nozzle which charges the paint particles as they atomize, the charged paint particles will naturally attract to a grounded object when sprayed.

     Ransburg Electrostatic Spray Gun

    Electrostatic spray painting increases transfer efficiency because charged paint particles will attract to the natural earth of the object being sprayed, in many cases the paint will actually wrap around the object reducing overspray, paint consumption and overspray.


    Application of electrostatic painting can be divided into two categories of work - 

    1) On-Site Applications

    On-Site electrostatic spr

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