ATOMEX HSP-10 Airless Paint Sprayer - Upgrade Deal 1

ATOMEX HSP-10 Airless Paint Sprayer - Upgrade Deal 1

ATOMEX HSP-10 Airless Paint Sprayer

The Atomex HSP-10 is the best valued airless paint sprayer in Australia, perfect for home renovators or any DIY painting project. This compact light weight machine is big on performance and has the ability to draw paint directly from the paint bucket without thinning. Why would you roll your next painting project when you can spray?



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The Atomex HSP-10 comes standard with 7.5m paint hose, Atomex HSP Gun and 415 Atomex X-35ET reversible spray tip. This machine will spray both water based house paint and oil based enamels, Atomex offer a range of accessories compatible with the HSP-10 such as gun extensions, swivel heads and reversible spray tips in the common sizes to make your next painting project easier.

 The Atomex HSP-10 airless paint sprayer features:

Fully adjustable pressure control 0-3000psi

Powerful 650W motor

Light and easy to carry - only 9.7kgs

Compact design allows easy storage

Full parts & service back up

Warranty is limited to 12 Months for DIY Use ONLY

Atomex is Australian Owned


FAQ's about the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer

1) Can the HSP-10 spray acrylic wall & ceiling paint? - Yes, the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer is designed specifically for spraying this type of paint, it will draw the paint directly from a 15 litre paint drum. You are not required to thin the paint but we do recommend stirring the paint thoroughly before spraying.

2) Can the HSP-10 spray oil based enamel paint? - Yes, the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer will easily spray oil based enamels, you will need to use a smaller tip and change the filter in the gun to a finer filter. Oil based enamel is easier to spray than water based acrylic, it just requires a smaller tip to reduce the flow of the paint, other wise you will get runs in the finish

3) Can the HSP-10 spray a roof? - The answer is simple - no! You will need to buy a larger machine.

4) How much work can the HSP-10 handle? - We have rated the use of the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer for between 4-6 full house repaints inside and out. The Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer is the best valued airless sprayer on the market inAustralia and is less than the cost of two days hire of an airless sprayer from most hire companies.

5) Warranty? - The Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer has a 12 month warranty provided that the machine is not used for commercial purposes. Sorry professional painters, if you wish to purchase this machine for contracting use then the warranty will be void, you need to buy a machine such as the Atomex GM-20E Airless Sprayer or larger if you wish to paint commercially.

6) Additional Extra's Required - The Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer comes complete with 7.5m paint hose, airless spray gun and 415 tip. This will be suitable for spraying most water based acrylics, but we have a range of budget price tips in different sizes for spraying trim work or enamel coating. See the range of Atomex X-35ET Economy tips listed below. We also offer additional tips in our upgrade deals which makes ordering the HSP-10 Airless Sprayer with the accessories you need a breeze.

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Max Tip Size: 0.015" (1 Gun)
Max Flow: 1.10 LPM
Max Pressure: 3000 psi
Motor Size: 650W
Voltage: 240V Australia/NZ
Weight: 9.7 kgs
Warranty: 12 Months (DIY Use Only)
Standard Inclusions: 1 x 7.5m (1/4") Paint Hose
1 x Atomex HSP Airless Spray Gun
1 x 415 X-35 Tip
1 x Instruction Manual
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