Ransburg Vector R90 Electrostatic Spray Gun & Power Box

Ransburg Vector R90 Electrostatic Spray Gun & Power Box

Ransburg Vector AA90 Electrostatic Spray Gun & Power Box

Ransburg Vector AA90 Electrostatic Spray Gun & Power Box

Ransburg Vector R90 Electrostatic Package With Trolley

Ranburg Vector R90 Electrostatic Spray Gun Package with Trolley is ideal for workshop and on-site electrostatic spray applications using quick dry enamel and 2K materials.



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Ranburg Vector R90 Electrostatic Spray Gun is the most common electrostatic spray system on the market because it can be used for a wide range of coatings and applications in almost any situation. 

The R90 trolley package includes the Vector R90 Electrostatic Spray Gun, 10m of fluid/air/power cord, 10 litre Atomex paint pressure pot and the 9060 LV3 Power Supply which is adjustable from 65KV through to 85KV. Adjustment of the voltage can be controlled on the back of the gun where the operator can toggle between 65kV, 75kVA, 85kV using your thumb to control. 

The Ransburg R90 is a low pressure electrostatic spray gun standard with 1.4mm nozzle which is suitable for quick dry enamels and 2K paints. 1.8mm nozzles are available for heavier materials such as undercoat and can be changed in under a minute using the nozzle tool. 

Other items required to use this package – 

  • 12CFM Air Compressor with Air Regulator 
  • 10-15m Air Hose 

The Ransburg R90 requires 240 Volt power for the control box and we DO NOT recommend to run this unit from a generator as this will void your warranty if the electronics are damaged. 

Ideal for on-site use as the air consumption is low and can be supplied by a portable air compressor with a filter/regulator fitted. The R90 is very simple to operate and maintain, basic air spraying knowledge is must but we do supply training which includes set-up, operation and clean up here at our workshop test spray booth located in Regents Park Sydney. 

Training is provided free of charge when purchased from AA Spray.

Ransburg Vector R90 Electrostatic Low Pressure Hand Gun

Newly improved, from grip to gun tip, The new expanded lineup now includes an air assisted airless type as well as an air spray type.


  • Light weight and ergonomically improved
    The gun bodies are constructed from more durable polymers designed to achieve a better, more balanced feel in the operator′s hand. In addition to optimum weight distribution we have also achieved a 24% weight reduction (in comparison with past models). Fatigue is lessened and productivity improved.
  • Improved atomization and transfer efficiency
    Redistributing the pressure in the air cap has adjusted the balance between the atomization and pattern air so that paint particles move slower through the changing field which allows stronger charging and higher transfer efficiency.
  • Improved durability
    The number of parts used in the gun has been reduced by 25% in comparison with past models, greatly improving reliability and durability.

Trigger pull has been reduced by 50%, and the dual stage air valve eliminates air to fluid transition.


Pre-tested and certified air caps ensure a high quality finish.


A single switch turns the voltage ON/OFF at the user's fingertips and can move between three pre-selected voltage levels.


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Tip Voltage: 85kV
Fluid Delivery  300ml/min
Max Air Pressure: 100 psi
Max Fluid Pressure 100 psi
Nozzle Size: 1.4mm
Transfer Efficency: 60-90% *
Gun Length: 272mm
Weight: 735g
Control Box Voltage: 240V
Warranty 12 Months
Standard Inclusions: 1 x Vector R90 Gun with 1.4mm Nozzle
1 x 9060 Control Box
1 x 10m Air Hose (gun to box)
1 x 10m Fluid Hose (gun to box)
1 x 10 Litre Atomex Pressure Pot
1 x 10m Power Cable (gun to box)
1 x Chrome Plated Trolley
1 x Instruction Manual

*Material thinning, air pressure and fluid pressure will vary the transfer efficiency

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