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Pilot Air 1/2" Check Valve/Non Return Valve

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Pilot Air 1" Check Valve/Non Return Valve

Pilot Air 3/4" Check Valve/Non Return Valve

Pilot Air 3/4" Check Valve or Non Return valves are found on Pilot Air Compressors in 415v from K-21 to K-50 models.



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Air check valves or non return valves are designed to allow compressed air from the pump into the air receiver without the air from the receiver going back the other way to the pump. 

Air check valves have a rubber spring loaded insert that closes after each stroke of air enters the tank or when the pump stops. 

When an air check valve fails you will tend to find that the air compressor only reaches very low pressures approx 20-30psi. The motor will not turn off and the air compressor will just keep running because the pressure in the tank is not high enough to trip the pressure switch (on/off switch) to shut down the motor. 

Always read the manufacturers instructions before fitting and be sure to relieve Air from the tank and turn the air compressor off.  

Pilot Part No. 34X34CV 

AA Spray Part No. PA/04-34x34CV 


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