IP-02 (2:1 Ratio) Stainless Steel Transfer Pump

IP-02 (2:1 Ratio) Stainless Steel Transfer Pump

IP-05 (5:1 Ratio) Stainless Steel Transfer Pump

IP-05 (5:1 Ratio) Stainless Steel Transfer Pump

OP232C (2:1 Ratio) Stainless Steel Transfer Pump

IPM’s OP232C series of pumps are specially designed for use with corrosive materials.The immersed lower pump, tie tubes, and sealing bung bushing allow quick drum change without exposing the system to contamination and moisture.



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International Pump Manufacturing (IPM) produce class leading drum mounted transfer pumps that are manufactured to the highest quality in the USA.

The OP232C is designed to fit a standard 205 litre drum and will screw directly into the bung hole keeping the transfer pump secure and sealing the drum from outside contamination.

Features –

  • Fully air operated.
  • 2 ball piston design provides uniform positive displacement.
  • Extremely durable pump with long life packing.
  • Specially designed piston seals do not come into contact with material pumped. Hence, a longer life span as it is able to handle highly problematic fluids like Isocyanates which crystallizes on piston rods upon contact with moisture in air and rupture seals.

Typical Applications –

  • Foam chemical supply
  • Spray gun supply
  • Dispensing valve supply
  • Cleaning chemical supply
  • Fluid transfer

Typical Fluids Handled –

  • Solvent based paints
  • Water based paints (SST models)
  • Solvents
  • Cleaning chemical supply
  • Chemicals
  • Catalysts
  • Isocyanates
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyureas

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Brands IPM
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You're reviewing:OP232C (2:1 Ratio) Stainless Steel Transfer Pump
Model Number: 820301 (Stainless Steel)
Fluid Ratio: 2:1
Max Output Flow: 28.4 Litres Per Minute (7.5gpm)
Max Cont Flow: 18.9 Litres Per Minute (5gpm)
Max Fluid Pressure: 360psi (24.8bar)
Max Air Pressure: 180psi (12.4bar)
Air Inlet Port: 1/4" npt (f)
Fluid Outlet Port: 3/4" npt (f)
Packing Seals: PTFE
Other Seals: PTFE
Rod Cylinder: Stainless Steel
Other Wetted Parts: Stainelss Steel
Weight: 9.5kg
Standard Inclusions: 1 x Instruction Manual
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