Sundstrom SR900 Basic Kit with SR510/SR217 Filter

Sundstrom SR900 Basic Kit with SR510/SR217 Filter

Sundstrom SR510 P3 R Particle Filter

Sundstrom SR510 P3 R Particle Filter

Sundstrom SR221 Pre-Filter (5 Pack)

Sundstrom Pre-filter SR 221 is a disc that is meant to catch coarse particles and by that extend the lifetime of the particle filters SR 510 P3 R and SR 710 P3 R, combined filter SR 299-2 ABEK1-Hg-P3 R and SR 599 A1BE2K1-Hg-P3 R.




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Sundstrom SR221 Pre-Filters should be changed after each shift of spray painting, the cost of pre-filters are cheap by comparison to cartridge filters and replacing pre-filters will extend the life of Sundstrom particle & gas filters. 

The pre-filter is placed in the pre-filter holder and then snapped on to the particle filter or combined filter.  

Sundstrom SR221 Pre-Filter will fit the following model respirators -

  • SR90 Half Face Mask
  • SR100 Half Face Mask
  • SR900 Half Face Mask
  • SR200 Full Face Mask 

Sundstrom SR221 Pre-Filter will fit the following model PAPR -

  • SR500 PAPR (Fan Unit)
  • SR700 PAPR (Fan Unit)  

Sundstrom offer world class respiratory protection equipment leading the industry with products made inSwedensince 1926. Sundstrom products are widely used and trusted within the spray painting industry protecting applicators from the harmful effects of paint over spray. 


AA Spray stock a full range of spray painting respiratory safety gear from disposable masks, half-face respirators and full face positive air feed masks for enclosed spray booth applications.











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Brands Sundstrom
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You're reviewing:Sundstrom SR221 Pre-Filter (5 Pack)
Description Organic vapour filter class A1 (regular capacity).
Material Plastic polypropylene. No metal parts.
Usage Used against organic gas and vapour with a boiling point above +65°C,such as solvents. The filter fits into the filter attachment of Sundström's half and full face masks. An SR510 particle filter can be snapped onto the front of the filter. 
Size Largest diameter: 106 mm
Thickness: 28 mm
Weight 113 g
Carbon The filter contains 70 g of activated carbon.
Adsorption capacity In tests with 1,000 ppm carbon tetrachloride at 30 l/min, the filter lasts for 90-110 minutes (standards requirements: >80 min) The filter absorbs approximately 20-25 g carbon tetrachloride (standards requirements: >15.4 g).
Pressure drop At 30 l/min: 25-30 Pa (standards requrement: <100 Pa)
At 95 l/min: 120-140 Pa (standards requirement: <400 Pa)
Storage Store at room temperature in clean, dry place. If seal has been broken, store away from contaminants in an air-tight container. Shelf life is 5 years if seal is unbroken. Expiry date printed on filter.
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